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Frequently Asked Questions
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Is there a Saftey Teather for the Camera? - Answer
Does the camera fit on a standard tripod? - Answer
Can I use a Gorilla Grip to support the camera? - Answer
Is there an attachement for a car windscreen? - Answer
What is the screen resolution? - Answer
What depth can the camera be used to? - Answer
Can you see the images and video on the screen? - Answer
What type of file does the camera produce? - Answer
Can you use Windows Movie maker to edit videos? - Answer
What is battery-life for recording mode? - Answer
Can the camera be remotely operated? - Answer
Yes- using the remote control button you can start recording video and also turn the camera off. NB The camera must be running for the remote to operate.
Can you remove the time stamp from the final video? - Answer
Why is the 1080p picture jerky when I play it back on my PC? - Answer
What kind of batteries does the camera use? - Answer
Is the camera compatible with both Windows and Mac OS? - Answer
Can I use the Camera straight out the box? - Answer
Is there a Motion Detection setting? - Answer
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