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Frequently Asked Questions
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Is there a Saftey Teather for the Camera? - Answer
Does the camera fit on a standard tripod? - Answer
Can I use a Gorilla Grip to support the camera? - Answer
Is there an attachement for a car windscreen? - Answer
What is the screen resolution? - Answer
What depth can the camera be used to? - Answer
Can you see the images and video on the screen? - Answer
What type of file does the camera produce? - Answer
Can you use Windows Movie maker to edit videos? - Answer
What is battery-life for recording mode? - Answer
Can the camera be remotely operated? - Answer
Can you remove the time stamp from the final video? - Answer
Why is the 1080p picture jerky when I play it back on my PC? - Answer
What kind of batteries does the camera use? - Answer
Is the camera compatible with both Windows and Mac OS? - Answer
Can I use the Camera straight out the box? - Answer
Is there a Motion Detection setting? - Answer
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